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Effective 1 February 2008, I will be Akamai University's Program Director for the Bachelor of Arts in Genealogical Studies.

Courses taught by Carolyn Earle Billingsley, Ph.D. at Akamai University:

GEN 200: Kinship Theory, Section 1 (3 credits)
Kinship Theory will acquaint students with an understanding of anthropological kinship theory. Anthropology is the main discipline that studies kinship in an organized fashion, and the central organizing principle in the discipline of genealogy is the reconstruction and analysis of kinship. Students will learn how to unify history, genealogy, and kinship theory, and to apply them to five main areas of family history research: (1) migration, (2) settlement patterns, (3) marriage, (4) politics and economics, and (5) religion. The class will also introduce students to, or advance their knowledge of putting together all the elements of a proper research paper as a final project applying their knowledge of kinship theory to family history research. (Author and Instructor: Dr. Carolyn Earle Billingsley)

GEN 201: Kinship Theory, Section 2 (3 credits)
This course builds on Section 1 , reinforcing the initial concepts and introducing more advanced ones. However, in Section 2 , the emphasis will be on researching and producing a written paper about a group of people, while reinforcing the educational goals of Section 1 . Moreover, students will learn to employ a wider variety and a deeper analysis of source materials. In this section, studentsí final paper project will focus on some group, e.g., a church congregation, a community, a cemetery, a school, an ethnic group, a cultural group, a business or corporation, or any group approved by the instructor. The principles of kinship theory will be firmly embedded in this project in a more sophisticated manner than in Section 1. (Author and Instructor: Dr. Carolyn Earle Billingsley)

Please note that the Genealogical Studies program at Akamai University is fairly new, although it already has several enrolled students. Thus it is still under development. The program will be adding instructors and courses over the coming weeks.

Our objective is to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Genealogical Studies that fulfills the needs of practitioners, librarians, teachers, postsecondary lecturers, curators, researchers, and family historians who want to become more knowledgeable regarding the theory and practice of genealogy, and the theoretical aspects of related disciplines.

Associates Degree in Genealogical Studies

BA in Genealogical Studies, including course descriptions

The Associate of Arts in Genealogical Studies designed in association with the National Institute o Genealogical Studies. This program is designed for librarians, family historians, teachers, post secondary lecturers, curators/historians, researchers, and anyone seriously interested in tracing their family history/genealogy in detail.

Genealogical Studies
Several genealogical and historical organizations conduct quality programs that are eligible for transfer credit at Akamai, satisfying the credit requirements for the major field. Genealogy methods courses are eligible for transfer from the following reputable schools and institutes:

To submit a petition for credit transfer for other programs or courses, contact the program director, LaWanna Blount, Ph.D.

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