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Journal Articles

Book Review: Kinfolks Falling off the Family Tree: The Search for My Melungeon Ancestors, by Lisa Alther, Journal of Southern History, (forthcoming).

Book Review: The Source, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, (forthcoming)

Book Review: Pleasant Hill, Alabama, during the Antebellum Years, 1813–1865: The History and Genealogy of a Dallas County Town, by Michael Vaughn Sims, Alabama Review, Vol. 59, No. 4 (October 2006): 302–303.

“Melungeons: A Study in Racial Complexity—A Review Essay,” The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 102, No. 2 (Spring 2004): 207–223.

Book Review: Tracing Your Alabama Past: For Genealogists and Others a Detailed Guide to Alabama Resources, by Robert Scott Davis (2003), Alabama Review: A Quarterly Journal of Alabama History, Vol. 57, No. 3 (July 2004): 234–235.

Book Review: The Settlers of Lovely County and Miller County, Arkansas Territory, 1820—1830, by Melinda Blanchard Crawford and Don L. Crawford (2002), National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 92, No. 2 (June 2004): 156.

Book Note: Malindy’s Freedom: The Story of a Slave Family, by Mildred Johnson and Theresa Delsoin, The Journal of Southern History, Vol. 72, No. 4 (November 2003): 1005.

"Allen Martin Cemetery, Pulaski County, Arkansas: The Discovery of an Old Abandoned Graveyard," Arkansas Family Historian, Vol. 41, No. 2 (June 2003): 73–78. [Note: article severely mutilated by incompetent editor.]

Book Review: "Oh, For a Touch of the Vanished Hand": Discovering a Southern Family and the Civil War, by Dana M. Mangham (2000), Journal of Southern History, Vol. 69, No. 1 (Feb. 2003): 185–186.

Book Review: All Our Relations: Blood Ties and Emotional Bonds among the Early South Carolina Gentry, by Lorri Glover (2000), Journal of Southern History, Vol. 68, No. 4 (Nov. 2002): 924–925.

Book Review: The Cultural Analysis of Kinship: The Legacy of David M. Schneider, edited by Richard Feinberg and Martin Ottenheimer (2001), Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 99, No. 4 (Autumn 2001): 434–435.

“Antebellum Planters: Communities of Kinship on the Cotton Frontier," East Texas Historical Quarterly (2001).

“Major Ezra Owen,” Arkansas Biography (Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press, 2000), pp. 214–215.

“Charles Anthony Caldwell: Pioneer on the Urban Frontier,” Pulaski County Historical Review 42 (Winter 94): 91–99.

"Billing the Client," Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly 8 (Dec 1993): 87–89.

“Saracen and the Quapaw Indian Removal,” The Jefferson County Historical Quarterly 21 (Dec 1993): 4–22.

Book Review: Territorial Ambition by Dr. S. Charles Bolton, Professional Genealogists of Arkansas Newsletter VI (Sept. 1993): 3.

"Settlement Patterns in Early Saline County, Arkansas," Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Vol. LII (Summer 1993): 107–128.

Book Review: Colonial Arkansas by Morris S. Arnold, National Genealogical Society Quarterly 80 (Dec 1992): 304.

"Excerpts from the 1881 Acts of Arkansas," The Arkansas Family Historian XXX (Sept 1992): 101–103.

"The Owen Family: Building on Politics in Early Arkansas," The Saline VII (June 1992): 73–93.

"Business or Pleasure?" Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly VII (March 1992): 16; reprinted from Professional Genealogists of Arkansas Newsletter V (Nov 1991): 9.

"Lynch Family Genealogy," The Arkansas Family Historian XXIX (Dec 1991): 165–169.

"Alien Registrations," The Saline VI (June 1991): 83–87.

"Nelson Wright: Southern Claims Commission File," The Saline VI (June 1991): 88–96.


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