Brand: Carolyn Earle Billingsley

Research Fees

My research rate is $60 per hour plus costs (usually photocopies and postage), with a 5-hour deposit ($300) required before work begins. I accept limited research requests. Checks, Money Orders, or PayPal payments accepted (just click on logo below to pay into my PayPal account).

Please send a full statement of your research problems or goals, along with copies of pertinent records you've already acquired. Also state how many hours of research you're authorizing at this time--about ten hours is the average.

After the requested research is completed, I will send you a detailed written report, which will include a complete record of sources checked, pertinent information found as well as negative research, an analysis of each piece of data, and suggestions for further research. At this point, you may wish to continue with another round of research with me or you may prefer to do the additional research yourself based on my suggestions.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast free and secure!

Note: This service will be activated in the very near future. Please be patient


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